Episode 48

📣 Felice Ayling, the Confidence Creator!

Published on: 26th April, 2024

#48 - Felice Ayling, a confidence and content guide for fearless female founders, discusses the challenges faced by women in the workplace and offers advice on boosting confidence. She emphasises the importance of understanding the systems and structures that hold women back and building a supportive community. Felice encourages women to embrace their true selves and not rely on external validation. She also highlights the benefits of being a founder, such as setting your own rules and working on your own terms.


  • Understand the systems and structures that hold women back in the workplace.
  • Build a supportive community of like-minded women.
  • Embrace your true self and don't rely on external validation.
  • Take control of your own business and set your own rules.




Invisible women

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